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"We use them with ALL of our patients. Out of the last 300 or 400, I can only think of one that didn't love it."
Melanie, Dental Assistant - Greenville, NC

"Your patients...will love you for your thoughtfulness."
Joseph A. Blaes - Dental Equipment and Supplies magazine editor

In today's competitive markets, being "high tech" is essential. However, most successful clinics have found that being "high touch" may be even more important.

It's easy for patients to feel frightened and isolated in the modern health offices of today. To patients, how they FEEL is often more important than what we DO.

For over 18 years Comfy Concepts has been manufacturing products for the health industry that help address patients' unspoken needs. When you use our products, you demonstrate your concern for your patients' comfort and well-being.

Relaxing and therapeutic, our products are designed to soothe the senses and help to reduce anxiety.

Patients are touched in a simple, down-to-earth manner that they will feel and remember. When your your patients leave your office, their "felt experience" will be the catalyst for recommending you. Your patients will love you for your thoughtfulness.

The Bottom Line

  • Your patients feel better.
  • Your staff is happier dealing with more relaxed patients.
  • Happy and enthused patients talk to others about your practice.

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